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Murmade provides imaging services to those who's focus is not pictorial; individuals, businesses and organisations who need the experience and creative abilities of an artist.

Murmade understands that each pictorial situation has its own demands

Murmade gives close personal attention to each client while identifying and satisfying their unique image needs.

Murmade has worked with many, diverse and repeat clients; such as, musicians, architects and folks who need some help.

The active ingredient of "Murmade Creative" is Murray Polson.

Mr. Polson comes from an art and architecture background. His abilities of imagination and abstract thought have led him through diverse experiences, including:

fine art and

He holds an MFA (Terminal Degree) in studio art and a B.Sc. in Art and Architecture. Mr. Polson has been active in architectural design, product design and art making. He has also written and published magazine articles about some of those activities.

Mr. Polson is currently involved in operating a private studio where he is engaged in exploring his relationship to the landscape by building and using pinhole cameras. Mr. Polson's international successes in an art making career are represented by his inclusion in private and public collections, professional publications, and by being the recipient of numerous grants.

"Murmade Creative" offers photographic images through lensless photography and digital graphic services. Murray Polson brings an extensive background in visual arts and graphic design to "Murmade Creative". His international successes in an art making career are represented by his inclusion in public and private collections, and professional publications.

A. Murray B. Polson B.Sc., M.F.A.

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